Free Indian Percussive Samples!

Free Indian Percussion Samples!

By the permission of Goldenchild Audio, here’s India Tech, a collection of one shot samples from various Indian percussion instruments. This is a full sample pack from the collections of Goldenchild Audio’s sample material.

Included are samples from such instruments as dhol, dholak, ghatam and tabla. These work great as percussive elements in dance music!

Check the video below for sound examples:


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  1. huh he hehehe,……nyc drum loop.;……….

    No fl user on dis web shd complain of limited samples…
    thx a bunch 4 da samples

    • i would really like to understand what you are saying here. but i seriously cant make it out

          • Sweet! Thank you (and Goldenchild Audio) so much 🙂 I wanna hug you because it’s hard to come across Indian samples – this is my first time, in fact.
            BTW Sorry for the accidental reply, I think that I unrealisingly did something wrong when commenting.

  2. Chathura Supun on

    I search sounds of Indian instruments such as Dhol ,Dolak like this in many sites. However I found in this site that I wanted and thank you so much to supply these things to people who love to music and make creations on music.
    Best Regards !

  3. karanveer singh on

    i have downloaded it but i dont know how to make it on fl studio, i dont know how to install it in fl studio .. bro plz tell me a tutorial please ..thanks..

  4. L. Jamea on

    Thank you sooooo much for these percussion samples. They are absolutely incredible. How can we possibly repay for them?

  5. Gavin Shortall on

    Hey I was wondering if they work in ableton? And if they do how to install? thanks.

    • Hey Gavin,

      Yes, they work in Ableton for sure! They are .WAV files that are zipper. Just unzip them to a folder and in the Ableton Browser click on the ‘Add Folder…’ and locate the folder where you unzipped the .WAV files.

  6. Thanks so much for sourcing these sounds Peter!

    I was wondering how I’d contribute a small donation to you? I sampled these drums for a production track I got paid for so would like to give a bit back 🙂

  7. Harry Sahota on

    thanxxxxxxx man you are awsome provide more Indian Bollywood stuff use in FL ….. yuppppp

  8. Hi there
    I just need this stuff, was searching for a long time. But please give me a fresh download link. The link above isn’t working and just going and returning to the 30sec page?

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