How To Add Variation To A Loop

How To Add Variation To A Loop

Loops are great in EDM production, but they can quickly start to sound too repetitive. Fear not, there’s an easy solution to this: chop and re-arrange.

In FL Studio there are several ways to slice and re-arrange a loop. You can do that manually in the playlist view by using the Slice tool to copy & paste, you can choose the semi-automatic way via Fruity Slicer or SliceX, or you can use Edison.

In this tutorial video, I’ll show you two ways to quickly chop and re-arrange your loop to give more life to it.


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  1. Max Golovanov on

    Nice stuff, Petri!

    Of course I used to know how to chop drums in FL – but only after passing of this tutorial I actually payed a real attention to this cool feature 🙂


  2. Thanks again man, I am trying to see all your tutorials, I am in this one so far: D, also, nice collections of free samples

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