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  1. Hey Petri,

    Could you ask him to upload it in another site? Dropbox is returning an error that says ‘This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! ‘ so I’m not being able to download it! 😛

    Other than that, great site, great tutorials. I always come here to learn something new!

  2. Beat Cube on

    Love 8-bit sounds, personally I have a couple GameBoys rerouted to my computer running LSDJ and Famitracker for my 8-bit stuff, which I then load into Fl Studio and Ableton, so I have no need for these.

    BUT I HIGHLY suggest that everyone else without 8-bit stuff get this pack, the C64 is pure nostalgia, and they fit into so many different types of electronic music you have NO idea…

    Before I got into bass music I was a 8-bit artist, so I am a huge fan xD

    But seriously, get as many different sounds as you can, make your music unique!

    Thanks for all the links Petri, so many free sample packs out there…

  3. Still gives the bloody “too much traffic” error. Can these please be uploaded somewhere I can download them please?

    Keep up the great work Petri!

          • Maybe upload this on something like rapid or other site.
            Eh, good free stuff and gone, again…
            Like with patents – when something good is discovered then is patented, buyed and forbidden.
            (sorry for my English).
            Greetings from Poland.