Alchemy Player 1.20 And 1GB Of Samples For Free!

Alchemy Player For Free

Great news! Camel Audio is offering a Alchemy Player for free! It’s a sample player based on the Alchemy engine with a ton of sounds as included is an inspiring 1GB sample library.

In total there are 200 sounds: soundscapes, pass, basses, synths, leads, sound effects, etc. and the sounds are very very usable and high quality.

Also, you can load any SFZ samples library to it, so it’s a great soundfont player as well.

Here’s some more details (quote from Camelaudio website):

Alchemy Player is a free software instrument with an inspiring 1GB sample library and 200 instrument sounds including evolving soundscapes, lush pads, and pulsing arpeggios. 150 sounds are included with 50 more when you sign up for a free account.

Alchemy Player may be the only sample player you ever need, since it can now load any SFZ sample library. Built with the Alchemy engine under the hood, it provides ready to play sounds that can be easily tweaked via the intuitive interface.

Expand your Alchemy Player with our comprehensive range of Alchemy Sound Libraries which offer numerous advantages over sample libraries:

  • tweak sounds to fit your music using the perform controls and remix pads
  • better, more responsive sounds provided by powerful synthesis and modulation
  • smaller download sizes and less disk space thanks to resynthesis

Number of Sounds: 200 (1600 variations)

Sound Categories: 37 Soundscapes, 34 Pads, 20 Arpeggiated, 20 Basses, 15 Loops, 15 Synths, 11 Leads, 9 Sound Effects, 8 Mallets, 7 Keys, 6 Guitars, 6 Vocals, 6 Strings, 3 Organs, 3 Woodwinds

Genres: Electronica, Ambient, Film Music, IDM, Dance/Trance, Techno/Electro, Pop

Sound Designers: Paul Nauert, Lotuzia, Chris Sciurba, Martin Walker, Luftrum, Shaun Wallace, Tim Conrardy, Ole Jeppesen, biomechanoid, bManic, M. Lewis Osborne, Denis Goekdag, Tasmodia, Corin Neff, John Lehmkuhl, Robert Rich, Jim Hunter, Arksun, Gareth L Devlin, Ed Ten Eyck, Michael Kastrup, Junkie XL, Adam Fielding, Adam Van Baker, Birds Use Stars, Steffen Presley, Daniel Clarke, Yuroun, Beej, Richard Devine, Ian Boddy, Himalaya, Artvera, Pendle Poucher, Christian Kjeldsen, Julian Ray, Aluisio, Vladimir Stepanov

Download Size: 562 MB


Alchemy Player features the same advanced sample manipulation engine as its big brother, with additive, spectral, granular, sampling and VA synthesis for totally unique sounds, and is easily controlled via a simple and compact interface. This provides sixteen performance controls for real-time tweaking and automation, which have unique functions for each preset carefully chosen by the sound designer; so each preset is like a small synth in its own right.

The remix pad also makes it possible to quickly try different variations – simply click and drag to morph between the eight variations. All presets are arranged by product and category for rapid access to the sound you require, to keep your inspiration flowing.

This is a HIGHLY recommended download for your software studio! Especially good for those ambient style pads.

Check the video for some sound examples:

Download Alchemy Player.


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  1. I noticed sample library was about 400mb not 1Gb. Did I miss some free samples?

    • Hey Fred,

      Its been a while since I downloaded mine, but if I recall right there should be AlchemyPlayerPlanetEarth- and AlchemyPlayerContent- .rar files which are 760MB combined… can you find these somewhere in the download area?

  2. This plugin is amazing! This is a top notch player… and it’s free! Thanks for letting us know about this one and all the others you have reviewed. I’m really impressed with Alchemy. Also, thanks for the many FL Stuido tutorials you have made available… extremely helpful Petri!

  3. Tim Follin on

    I realize this is an ancient post, but it seems Camel Audio’s website has shit the bed and it’s impossible to download this plugin now. Does anyone know of a mirror?