133 Free Dance Drum Samples

133 Free Dance Drum Samples

Update 2020: Sorry, the Air Users Blog no longer exists and the samples are no longer available. If you’re looking for free samples, go ahead and look at our freebie section, also be sure check out Loopcloud (choose 300 free samples from millions).

Air Users Blog has a nice freebie: collection of 133 dance music drum samples.

In total there’s:

  • 12 claps
  • 30 closed hihat
  • 30 kicks
  • 12 open hihats
  • 11 percussion
  • 4 reversed cymbals
  • 30 snares
  • 4 toms

I checked some of the samples and to me they sound pretty good quality and usable for techno, trance & house.


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  1. Yo Petri.

    Do u make house music?
    Can I send you some of my vocal samples. M a dancer, and songwriter, looking for a dj.
    Sound I am looking for… house… think Edward Maya, Dev, Dragonette

    Lemme know pls.



  2. TheFugue on

    Awesome 😀 I have a really crappy computer that cant handle more than two VSTs playing at the same time, so I have been exporting songs in parts and layering them. All your sample packs have been really helpful for me in making my drum loops. Thanks.

  3. Jonah Falieapiy on

    Does anybody knows any sites or any artist out there that makes reggae beats on fl studio 10? really need some help. thanks..!! oh and i love em samples and loops here. thanks again to the uploader.. nice one..

  4. sharry singh on

    Hey Petri , i also use fl studio to make music . But yet i am unable to get my kick and bass stand out of the whole mix. And i am unable to find good bass , please help me out. And whats the good and easiest way to Master a track.

  5. Hey, the link seems not to be working anymore.
    Any re-upload available ?