How To Create A Bell Sound

How To Create A Bell Sound

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to create a warm and soothing bell sound using 3xOsc. It is easy to create, yet very usable sound and works well in a chill-out or ambient style of music (though not limited to only those genres). If you don’t have FL Studio and 3xOsc, you can use any synth which has a sine wave generator to create this sound.

Here’s a sound preview:

Ok. First thing to do is to load 3xOsc to your FL Studio project and choose Sine Wave as the shape for the Oscillator 1. Also, we need only ONE oscillator so disable the Osc 2 & Osc 3 by turning their volume levels to 0%.

Tweak The 3xOsc

Go to the Instrument Properties  (INS) -tab and from there to VOL -subtab (volume envelope) and click on the ‘Use envelope’ -button to enable it and edit the envelope curve to look like this (short Attack time, quite low Sustain level and semi-long Release time is the key here):

Volume Envelope Settings

Next, click on the TNS -button (Tension) to edit the envelope line shapes a bit. We’ll lower the tension level of  Decay to add more sharper ‘drop’ from the Decay to Sustain. This’ll make the bell sound more sharper. Also lower the tension level between Sustain and Release to not let the long Release to be too ‘dominant’ or not to let it ‘ring’ too loudly… kinda hard to explain with my English, but I hope you understand what I mean:

Volume Envelope Tension Settings

And lastly, we’ll add that spacious depth and color to the sound via Fruity Reeverb. So, assign the 3xOsc to a free mixer track and drop a Fruity Reeverb to it’s effect slot and set it like this: Color to Warmer (all the way to right – to make the reverb sound less metallic), Decay to 7 sec (long Decay time is the key here to make the bell sound huge and atmospheric), HighDamping to OFF and Reverb level to 24% :

Reverb Settings For The Bell Sound

Done! Have fun with it and make some great music! 🙂

Watch the video below and download the FL Studio 10 project file:

Download Bell Sound FL Studio 10 Project File


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  1. Rodnick George on

    Wow! Another great sound by the mighty 3xOsc. The plugin is rising to the top of my to-use plugins list every tutorial thanks to you Petri. what about minimal house, which plugins in Fl studio would you prefere? Thanks again

    • Thank you Rodnick!

      As for minimal house: I think any synth can actually work: 3xOsc, TS404, Wasp, etc. I think it’s all about how you use them 🙂

  2. Now that we have a bell can you show us how to make ambient or dream house beats? I’ve been trying to pull something like that off but i just cant do it.

    • Hey Tyler, dream house is a bit unfamiliar genre to me, but I’ll look into it. Same goes to ambient. I’m defiinetely going to create an ambient tutorial at some point!


      • Thanks! I’m really looking forward to that ambient tutorial! By the way, some dream house artists are Robert Miles, Nylon Moon, and Imperio. Dream house is a lot like trance so I think you’ll like it! Once again though, thanks for the reply!

  3. Amy Tree on

    Thank you for making this tutorial, really love this dreamy sound. I find all you’re tutorials very informative and check by most days to see if you have any new. So thank you for sharing you’re knowledge. 🙂

  4. you cant imagine how you help users with these tutorials, men thank you alot seriously!!! keep that way!! yuou know alot damn!!!! 😀 God bless you and your talen!

    Also , you say in this tutorial : kinda hard to explain with my English, but I hope you understand what I mean: what language do you speak? spanish?

    add me if you want 😀 and search it on Facebook!

  5. Ethan Shea on

    I know that you might never get around to reading this Petri, but you have inspired me to create so many different beautiful sounds. I have really learned most I know about production from you. Thank you for creating this website and sharing you knowledge with the world. I really appreciate it.

  6. PrIyAnGsHu on

    Great tutorial. But, do you have any idea how to make bell sounds

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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