How To Create A Vocal Riser

How To Create A Vocal Riser

Vocals work great as risers. All you need is a vocal sample and loop in a proper point and off you go. Its very easy and quick to do in FL Studio and in this tutorial I will show you how.

First, here’s an audio example:

And here’s how you create it:

First, pick up a vocal sample from your sample collection and drop it to a Sampler Channel (for vocal samples, check out the free Deep South Rap Acapella sample pack for example or Google some more):

Drop Sample To Sampler Channel

In the Channel Settings -panel, enable volume envelope and edit it as follows:

Enable And Edit The Volume Envelope

Load the sample to Edison (right click on the Sample View and choose ‘Edit’), make a short selection and press ALT + L to set the loop points:

Set The Loop Points In Edison

Select the whole sample (CTRL + A) and drag it to the Sampler Channel using the Drag -tool to apply the loop point settings:

Drag The Sample To Sampler Channel

Enable the ‘Use loop points’ (should be on by default):

Use Loop Points

Open the Piano Roll and draw an 8 bar long C5 note:

Draw 8 Bar Long C5 Note

Set the Channel Pitch Knob Range to 24 Semitones (or more) and create an automation clip for the Pitch -knob and edit the Pitch envelope like this:

Automate Channel Pitch

And finally, add effects to your taste. I’ve found delay effects works great:

Add Effects To Riser

Try changing the loop points to your taste for different sounding risers.

The end. 8)

Watch the video below:


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  1. sebastian on

    Heyy love the blog looks evry day if its updated keep it up!!!
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  2. Really helpful man! I most like tuts like this! Keep it up! 🙂

  3. Max Golovanov on

    I like these fast & smart tutorials!

    Keep them up, man! THX!

    • Christian Persson on

      I had the same problem, googled it, and found out that you have to do this:
      Channel Settings > Sample propterties (the SMP tab) > under Time stretching, right-click on Time and press “(none)”.

  4. Christian Persson on

    Hey man, and thank you for a great tutorial!
    However, I’m having some trouble.
    When I automate the pitch knob, it doesn’t respond to whatever is entered in pitch knob range. It just goes to a very high pitch really fast, and it doesn’t matter if I’ve entered 1 semitone or 24 semitones.
    This only happens when I automate it via a automation clip: if I manually change the knob, it gives me correct results. Help on this, please?

    • Hey Christian,

      Did you first set the pitch knob range and after that create the automation clip? Also, I’m assuming you’re trying to create a riser: what kind of envelope curve are you using (what’s the start and end values of your envelope)?

      Le me know.

      PS. Thanks for checking the tutorial, btw!

      • Christian Persson on

        I tried again, doing these steps in this order:

        1. Added a vocal sample to a sampler channel.
        2. Created the loop.
        3. Set the pitch knob range to 24 semitones.
        4. Created an automation clip, with starting point at 50%, and going to 100% over 4 bars. It seems that the knob in the channel reaches 100% when the automation clip is at 75%. However, the pitch keeps rising, even after the knob has reached 100%.

        I hope you understand what I mean.

  5. Found this site through Google–great find!
    Thanks for the details steps and video, keep it up.

  6. Pedro Rodrigues on

    Yeah, you have a really good stuff over here, thanks!
    Where can i find the vocal sample you used on the tutorial?

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  8. awesome tutorial! but how can i make the riser flow with the whole vocal? i want to put what comes before and then have the riser

  9. Thanks a lot dude, this is really very helpfull, fast and simple. Nice work

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    Hey Petri !!

    Very nice This is something i was not able to figure out by my self.

    But…: can u tell me if its possible to Automate the Loop points In a sample ? ( for instance ..: Automate the Last Marker of the Loop to make it go faster like in this part..: )

    or how do u mae something like that ?

    Thnx a bunch

  12. Isaac Kalema on

    This is really great man! You have helped me overcome my fear of FL Studio. Used to fear it all this while. Cheers.

  13. how can i make this effect in cubase?? (i have Edison External VST)

  14. Thanks bro!
    how is made the rise vocal’s ending, like gangnam style (ouuuaaaa)?

  15. Francesco on

    Hi Petri thx for the tutorial but this works only if i disable “TIME” in the INS -> VOL section… how is this possibile?