How To Install VST Plugins Into FL Studio

How To Install VST Plugins Into FL Studio

I’m seeing lot of people asking how to install VST plugins into FL Studio so here’s a short guide showing you how to do it.

First of all, you need to have a folder for all your VST plugins somewhere in your hard drive (default is under C:\Program Files\). If you dont have one, create it and name it to ‘VSTplugins’ for example.

Create Folder For VST Plugins

Now, usually VST plugins (most of the free ones at least) comes either zipped (or rar packed) package of files (.DLL file(s)) which you have to unzip or unrar to your VSTplugins folder. You need a ZIP / RAR extractor such as 7-Zip or  IZArc for this.

Unpack the whole content of that .zip or .rar file straight to your VSTplugins folder (or to your desktop and move/copy it to there).

Unpack The Zip Or Rar File To VST Plugins Folder

If the plugin has its own installer (.exe file), follow the instructions given during the installation. Usually it asks the location of your VSTplugin folder.

Next, open the FL Studio and go to Options -> File Settings (or press F10) and under the ‘VST plugins extra search folder’, define your default VSTplugin folder (if you haven’t done so already). You only need to do this once and not everytime you install a new plugin.

Set The Default Folder For VST Plugins

After that, go to the Channels -> Add one -> More… and a box with a list of plugins will appear. At the Bottom of the box you’ll see a’Refresh’ button: click on it and choose ‘Fast scan (recommended)’ from the menu:

Refresh Plug In List

After scanning you should see your newly installed plugin in the plugin list (in red color):

Open The Plugin

That’s it!

Now you can double click it to open it and if you want, tick the little box (Favourite Switch) that is in front of the plugin to make it appear in your favourites list.

NOTE that if you installed an EFFECT plugin (not a synth which is a ‘generator’, but an effect – these are two different types of plugins), you can only open it to a Mixer tracks effect slot.


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  1. I know this isn’t much to do with the tutorial, but I’v got a question. I recently reinstalled fl studio 10 onto my computer and a few of my settings have changed. In piano roll, my notes I place would normally snap into a bar or whatever, but then when I reinstalled, it didn’t do that anymore. How do I change this setting?

  2. Thanks for the video!
    If you are still able to make a video about the progressions of psy trance and how to do effects

    • what i would recommend is to open an edison into the channel and record what you just created, sometime when you re open the project the extra VSTs wont load, so you will need to load them and configure them again, edson recording will help.

  3. DOm dada on

    I purchased the maschine mikro and it was also came with great programs like reaktor and guitar rig. but i cant get the vsts that are on there intro fl studios, , maybe its cause of plublishing purposes but im not to sure, any help ?

  4. Ryan Watters on

    Does the Cambridge EQ , Waves API 560 10-Band Graphic EQ SoundGrid – Software , and the various brainworx plug-ins work with fl studio 12 signature edition.

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