How To Make A House Beat

How To Make A House Beat In FL Studio

UPDATE: Sorry, I took off the download links as the samples needed to be cleared first.

Creating a cool house beat is not that hard.

You just need a handful of drum samples, a couple of effects and a bit of imagination. And of course, FL Studio. šŸ˜‰

I must say that in house music – and in any EDM genre – the beat alongside the bass is one of the most important aspects. A good groove is like 60-70% of the song, and that’s what sort of carries the whole genre. So I suggest putting in A LOT effort and focus around the beat/groove.

In this walkthrough video, I will show you how I created this example house beat, and I hope it will give you some ideas to make your own house beats.

I won’t go into too many details on all the effect settings, etc. because it would have been just too boring and that is why I’m giving the .flp project file so you can see exactly what I’ve done.

Feel free to use the project file and the beat however you like.

Listen the beat:


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  1. Man this beat sounds nice! I’m actually working on two projects so when I get frustrated with one, I move on to the other haha. I have some trance going and some electro house. I just started listening to electro house and I love it. It’s really funky and exciting.

    I used your side chain method for the electro synth and it actually sounds really nice! The only problem I have is the drums. I have kick, hats, claps, snares, and some weird unkown perc lol. But I need a little more excitment with my drums but I cant really hear it through the electro synth….Maybe I will try sidechaining some other stuff….I’m not sure.

    Anyways thanks alot!
    I also have another tutorial idea, but If its too much work then don’t worry about it!
    I saw that you produce ambient, and I love ambient music. My second song was some ambient meditation like beat. Personally I think it’s my best song but for some reason I’m really having a hard time trying to make another one. So maybe you could show us how you would do the beat or the background ambience / FX. But that’s asking for alot so no big deal if you don’t have the time:)

    Keep it up man! You are for sure my #1 tutorial source!!!
    Take it easy šŸ˜€

    • Thank u Jon!

      There may be a tad too much bass in this beat of mine, but you can control it via EQ or dropping off the Soundgoodizer from the Master channel.

      About your song: have you tried to EQ the synth? Maybe dropping off some low frequencies via Fruity Parametric EQ?

      Btw, ambient beat is a good idea. I will add it to my to-do-tutorials list.

      Watch out for it šŸ™‚

  2. Yeah that seemed to help šŸ™‚ So thanks!
    Man there are so many mixer effects I’ve been experimenting with! I love it šŸ˜€ It seems like the stereo enhancer can add a nice touch along with some weird effects when you phase it, It sounds good on my hats. Along with some automated flanger on my synth šŸ˜€

    Haha I probably fill up your to do list šŸ˜€

  3. jonathan LEWIS on


    this stuff is realy awesome man. im a vocalist for a band and i found this stuff realy useful. although ive been into psytrance for a fair amount of time, ive never realy tried making my own music. i recently downloaded FL10. hws it for a beginner? or should i download a diffrnt DAW? i jus have basic knowledge about song structures,bars and stuff like that but nuthin hardcore. i have a lot of free time in my hands. so i thought mite as well make some music.


    • Hey Jonathan and thanks for your comment! As a long time FL Studio user I’m a bit biased to say this, but I say it anyway lol: definetely check the FL Studio and also Ableton Live. I suggest you download the demos for both and test them throughly. They may seem complex at first sight, but that’s the case with any DAW. And don’t worry, you’ll learn them! šŸ™‚

  4. hello!

    Nice tutorial vid:)

    I got one question about a different thing, I’m searching for a tutorial about ‘how to make a good drop in a house song”.
    Do you have one or can you suggest me another tutorial?

  5. CultDomesticity on

    THANK YOU! That pattern helped me so much!
    My beats used to be simple and lame, but this made it so much better and complex!

    You have my graditude!

  6. Riyancy Chandimal on

    I want FL studio. that is a very nice Recording function. thanks u very mugh

  7. Hi Petri,

    first my compliments for the professional way of making tutorials and level of sharing your knowledge.

    Which version of FL do you use?

    The Netherlands

  8. Abysheke on

    Guys i m new to this edm producing thing if any one you can help me in this please man i need help i really want to produce sone good edm , please anyone from you all please email me ! please i would love to make music with you please help
    N reply asap thanks????

  9. nice thanks, a question. why for delay effect you use fruity delay 2 sometimes and delay bank in some cases too. Whats the difference? Thanks

  10. Hey Petri!

    What does it mean for the beat to sidechain the pieces to each other?
    By the way, I’m a big fan of what you’re doing, keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Denmark

  11. Mxolisi Maxwell on

    I wish to learn more from you I’m stil new to this industry how to get the videos for beats cause at you tube I can’t download them bt I’ve learnt a lot I even wish to get your contacts and lesson you have realy you guys amaizing thanks frm Maxwell

  12. Firstly I want to say a massive thank you for this site & all your tutorials! It would be really helpful to get the samples & flp back up if possible please? I saw you took it down to get them cleared but that was a long time ago so I’m hoping it’s ok now as the best way for me to learn is by watching & then re-creating myself.

  13. Help the village on

    GOOD Morning Friend! I am a guy from Russia, I live in a small town! We do not have music schools there, and markups in the wilderness of music, few people think! But I’m 5 years has quietly in fl studio suffer sit, so really have not learned anything either! Tell me if I threw you a small project, you would have listened to a profesional! And he said, should I do to play music or not! I do not know of any notes, not serious, and get bad aranzherovka! Help posluschay podkorektiruy project, and I look at least for their mistakes!

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