How To Make Skrillex Style Growl With Sytrus

How To Make Skrillex Style Growl With Sytrus

In this tutorial I will show you how to make Skrillex style growling sound using Sytrus FM synthesizer. I learned this tip from a fellow FL user called Seamless so all credits go to him and I really recommend checking out SeamlessR’s Youtube channel for more really awesome FL Studio tips! Also, go visit his SoundCloud page for his music and remember to check his Facebook and Twitter pages as well.

Alright. Here’s a preview of this sound:

To re-create this, first open the Sytrus and select the “Default” patch to start from clean.

Load Default Patch

The central of the Sytrus synthesis engine are the six oscillators which are called ‘Operators’ (OP1, OP2, etc). Each operator can produce sound of it’s own, but they can also be used to modulate other operators. In the ‘Default’ patch, Operator 1 module produces a pure sine wave and in the modulation matrix, it’s output is sent straight to the main output mix at full volume (100%).

Sine Wave By Operator 1

Next, make the Operator 2 modulate the Operator 1. The modulations (amongst operator send levels and other things) are set in the modulation matrix. To make the Operator 2 modulate Operator 1, turn the knob in the row 1 (indicates the row of the Operator 1), column 2 (indicates the Operator 2) to all the way to right. (Middle is the neutral position.)

Make Operator 2 Modulate Operator 1

I suggest you use lower pitch notes to play this sound because otherwise, it’s going to sound like Mickey Mouse growling.

Ok. As the Operator 2 is modulating the Operator 1 now, alter the shape of the oscillator (in the Operator 2) to modify the sound. Set the shape to 22%.

Operator 2 Shape

Each operator has also oscillator harmonics editor function available (OSC tab). You can edit in total of 128 different harmonics to add more variation to the sound of your patch. Now, raise the harmonic 32 magnitude to around 44%.

Operator 2 Harmonics Setting

Next step is to map the modulation to a controller in Operator 1 articulation section so go to the OP 1 tab and set the editor target to MOD (input modulation). Under this tab, you can define the amount of ‘influence’ other operators as modulators can have on this current operator.

Operator 1 MOD

In the articulation section, you can apply an envelope, LFO, map keys and controllers etc to a predefined properties. In this case, our property is MOD and we are going to map it to MOD X just by selecting it (MOD X is the controller that can be moved horizontally in the Main module).

Operator 1 MOD X

Next, set the min and max values for the MOD X controller. This way you can define how much of modulation happens when the MOD X controller is turned on it’s minimum value and maximum value. Set the point 1/2 to 0%. This means when you turn the MOD X knob all to left, no modulation is applied to Operator 1. Set the point 2/2 to 100%. When you turn the MOD X controller all the way to right, the modulation is applied at maximum level.

MOD X Min And Max Values

Now, in the Main module, tweak the MOD X controller between the min and max values and listen what happens:

Tweak The X

This is basically the foundation of this whole sound. Next, apply a little more color to the sound by letting the Operator 3 to modulate the Operator 1 as well: in the modulation matrix, tweak the knob in the row 1, column 3 to -25%.

Operator 3 As A Modulator

In the Operator 3, set the base pitch (multiplication) to 6, oscillator shape to 26% and in under the harmonic editor (OSC) harmonic 32 to 48% and harmonic 64 to 42%.

Operator 3 Settings


Next, assign the Sytrus to a free mixer track and load a Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to it’s effect slot and boost like this:

PEQ2 Settings

That’s basically it. Try using more operators for modulating for some very interesting results and experiment with the modulating, shape and harmonic values.

And again, credits to SeamlessR.

Watch the video version of this tutorial below:

Download The Growl Sound (.FST) File Here (Just drag & drop it to Sytrus).

Download The Growl (.FLP) File Here (Requires FL Studio 10.0.9 or newer to open).


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    • Did you try to play it with low pitch notes? In the Piano Roll, drop E1 note there and tweak the MOD X controller. Le me know how does it sound.

      • Nicholas on

        Thanks, this solved it for me 🙂 Now, what if this was mixed with the “Yoi” bass in your dubstep tutorial? ;o

      • it doesn’t seem to work for me, I started by trying to recreate it and by the FST and the FLP, nothing seems to work on it. I only have FL Studio 10 not 10.0.9.

          • Something like a simple, typical synth sound. Just like one tone, no “growl” or anything

          • i had a similar problem the first try, remember to change to op 1 and make those adjustments, if you stay in op 2 then all you hear is a sine wave no matter how you modulate.

          • I figure it might not be working because I’m not using the exact version of FL Studio that you are.

  1. plumbum91 on

    “Looooool lol lol looool” ? Very interesting effect. All your’s tutorials are very helpful. Thanks a lot man, and greetings from Poland 🙂

  2. Works like a champ! Endless sounds! Much better than similar tutorials on this sound. THX!

  3. i found this tutorial to be much more help than similar ones on youtube. thank you.
    keep em coming petri, your doing a great job.

  4. Awesome tutorial! I tried the downloads just to check them out and I couldn’t get them to load but following your tutorial and tweaking them a bit… I have to say thank you!

  5. glitchking on

    The FST file wont work for me,it just gives me a regular sound from a default Sytrus when i hit a key

  6. Awesome tutorial man! I’m a total noob at anything soundboard related so this was a great help 🙂

  7. I came across your tutorial and I was unable to duplicate this sound at all. I then decided to download you FST file and still was unable to match it. I dropped the E1 note as stated earlier and voila I now have the sound I want BUT I can’t seem to get the YOI YOI to work at all. Whenever I create and automation clip I get no sound what so ever on the clip. any help would be greatly appreciated.

      • You can Find it at the Mixer Slots… 1-8 Slot
        You sould be Regard to Priority . . .

        Sound Will Processing from Slot 1 to 8…

        For example if you EQ a sound and then make Filtering , your equalized sound will be Filtered…

        I hope you understand it.

  8. Hi…
    Sytrus is a powerfull Synth…
    You can crate every sound that you hear…
    I crate this sounds, for example, Clarient, Guitar, dubstep bass, Many growls, monster bass(!), sound of a Motor!!! Whistle , Real bass, each string sound, and more…

    I recomend that you spend your time For crating your sound, until You searching in the same plugins for find your sound…

    For sound designing You need basic of electronic…
    For example, Harmonic, Filters, resonance Effect, dB Logarithm, RMS and Peaking(For mixing Sound you Design) Basic Wave Shape, Basic Wave of all sound(Sine wave) and if you want BEST, you should be spend Levels of a sound Engineer…

    I recomend you try: NI Massive, NI FM 8, Zebra, Cakewalk Z3TA+ behind the 3X OSC and Sytrus and Harmor and Other FL Plugins…
    Thank You…

  9. benicinia on

    you the man! i started making music after reading your post on how to make electronic music three yeas ago thanx

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