Review: Editors Keys Ableton Live Shortcut Keyboard

Editors Keys Ableton Live Shortcut Keyboard Review

Editors Keys is the leading developer and producer of dedicated editing keyboards (shortcut keyboards) for various well known video and audio editing programs such as Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Final Cut, Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools and many more. They also produce adhesive shortcut keyboard sticker sets, silicone covers, USB microphones, pop filters and portable vocal booths and sound booths.

Editors Keys shortcut keyboards are used by over 30,000 music (and video) producers around the world so they are one of the largest shortcut keyboard manufacturers out there. Their clients include editors at the BBC, ITV, MTV, Fox, CNN, Universal, Nasa and more

Their latest addition to this product line is a shortcut keyboard dedicated for Ableton Live. What does it bring to the table?

It features over 70 shortcuts and it’s actually made in co-operation with over 100 Ableton Live users and producers around the world so you can say the design of this keyboard is truly optimized for a Live user.

Here’s a little closer look of it:

Ableton Live Shortcut Keyboard Closer Look

The keyboard is ultra thin and compact in size so it doesn’t take much space on your studio desk.

Ultra Thin Design

Check image below to compare it to a regular size keyboard:

Size Comparison

Installation is simple: you connect it to a USB port and that’s it.

But how does the keyboard work?

Basically, it has all the functionality of a regular typing keyboard, but the catch lies on the keys which contain both icon and text displays: different editing functions supported by Live are written on the keys.

The keys are also color grouped meaning functions belonging to a same “category” are in the same color. For example: let’s say you’re in the Live’s MIDI Note Editor window. Functions such as narrow grid, widen grid, snap to grid and draw mode toggle shortcut keys are all in orange.

Color Grouped Keys

Or if you wan’t to open, close, save, export, create a new live set or hide the live, the keys for such operations are in yellow.

More Color Grouped Keys

This helps you to instantly perceive where the shortcut keys are.

Of course, many of the shortcut functions works across the different sections in Live – i.e. select all, cut, copy & paste operations works on the Session View, Arrangement View and on the Note Editor as well.

On a side note, you still need to hold down CTRL for most of the functions (all the functions that are underlined requires holding CTRL) just like with a regular keyboard, but even so, you’ll find the keys so much faster that this keyboard saves you loads of time compared to trying to remember them or going through the menus with your mouse.

There’s also four rubber pads on each corner at the bottom of the keyboard for a great grip so it really stays still on the table giving it a surprisingly sturdy feel.

Rubber Pads For Good Grip

Feel of the keys are good and the spacing is just about right (at least to my fingers) so you won’t hit double keys easily.

The design itself is also cool. It looks professional on the studio desk. 😎

If you ask me, this is a MUST tool for every Ableton Live enthusiast. It will definitely save tons of time on each of your Live session!

I would really like to see one of these keyboards made for FL Studio as well (hint to the Editors Keys design team!).

Here’s some info on a nutshell:

  • Shortcut keyboard dedicated for Ableton Live
  • Over 70 shortcuts
  • Mac and PC Compatible (USB port required)
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Compatible with all versions of Ableton Live for the Mac and PC

Price of the keyboard is €79.99 (around $102) and is available at


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    • Considering it doesn’t create shortcuts for you just shows them, yeah you’re right. It would be nice to have a keyboard assigned a shortcut to individual keys, that I would pay money for!

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