426 Free Nu-Disco Samples


426 Free Nu Disco Samples

Cool disco sample pack by Sampleradar is now available for download! Well, actually it’s nu-disco, but anyway, great set of sounds you should download right away. 🙂

Here’s some details:

The glory years of disco may have been in the late ’70s and early ’80s, but its dancefloor friendly sound has never really gone away.

These days, we have nu-disco, which takes inspiration from the past while having an upfront sound to please today’s club-goers. And SampleRadar has the sonic tools you need to make it.

What you need to know

The samples are split into three tempo-labelled kits of loops ‘n’ lines, each of which contains drum, bass and guitar loops plus breaks, sweeps and drops.

All the samples are supplied as 24-bit WAV files so can be imported directly into your DAW or sampler of choice. Because they’re royalty-free, you’re welcome to use the samples in your music in any way you like – all we ask is that you don’t re-distribute them.

The nu-disco samples are supplied in a zip file, so you’ll need to extract them before you can see them. Enjoy!

Nu-disco samples (306MB)


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Petri Suhonen is an electronic music hobbyist. He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio.

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Casa Roc
5 years 2 months ago

thanks a million, i was looking for Disco sounds for like a year or so, gonna use this for my upcoming remix, thanks again

2 years 10 months ago

I made some nu disco songs with this pack, its really good and worth the download!