OR2v Great Sounding Free Oberheim 2-Voice Emulator

OR2v Great Sounding Free Oberheim 2-Voice Emulator

Elektrostudio rocks! I just downloaded the OR2v, a free VST synth that emulates the Oberheim Two Voice vintage synthesizer and I love the sound! I haven’t heard the real thing in action, but this sounds good indeed. 🙂

Here’s some technical details:

Analog Duophonic Synthesizer

  • 2 Voices (2 sem modules)
  • 2x Multitimbral (duophonic)
  • OSC Synthesis can do pwm sync
  • Wave Shapes pulse/saw/noise
  • 2 OSCs
  • 1 Filter morph lpf/hpf/bpf/notch
  • 1 LFOs sine
  • 2 Envelope Generators 2x ADS
  • 37 Keys no responds to Pressure/Velocity
  • Double Step Sequencer

Check the video from some sound examples. I highly recommend to download this thing.

Download OR2v.


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