1GB Of Sound Effects For Free By ARTFX

1GB Of Sound Effects For Free By ARTFX

EDIT: Sorry, this pack no longer exists.  If you’re looking for other good FREE samples, check out our Freebies section.

Here’s a package of sound effects designed by Kaj van den Oord from ARTFX: 480 audio fx samples and loops. (no longer available)

In this 1GB package you’ll find:

  • Atmospherics
  • Beatbox samples and loops
  • Downlifters
  • Impacts
  • Metallic FX
  • Robotic FX
  • Scratches
  • Swishes
  • Uplifters
  • Vocals
  • Weird

Here’s what Kaj says about this package:

I’ve been spending the last two days working on a subject called sound design. The first day was used for recording al kinds of sounds like zippers, pieces of metal slamming into each other, skateboard wheels, beatbox sounds and a lot more. The second day has been the slicing and processing of the recorded sounds.After two days of work I ended up with 1 Gb of samples and loops, ready for further processing.

Now normally I would end up having this samples lying around for a while, but instead I’m releasing this sample pack for free download. No usual samples like drum hits in here, all unusual sound effects.

All samples are originally recorded by ARTFX, especially for this sample pack. All sound design is done by Kaj van den Oord.

Download ARTFX Sound Effects Volume 1 (for some reason the link isn’t working anymore…sorry!)


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  1. thespanningtree on

    I’ll check this out tomorrow, always looking for good sound effects.

  2. The cover artwork of this sample pack makes it look fancy and high quality. But they are not, sorry. This is a beginner at work, which is okay. You’re heading in the right direction, keep it up and you will improve.
    But for now, this isn’t a high quality sample pack.