FL Studio Quick Tip: Using Stretch Handle

FL Studio Quick Tip Using Stretch Handle

In FL Studio Piano Roll, there’s this very handy little feature called Stretch Handle. With it you can quickly ‘stretch’ your notes to make them fit to time. It comes very useful when you have a group of notes and you want to make them longer or shorter. For eg. if you have a group or sequence of notes and you want to make them all eg. twice as long (or shorter), just drag them with the Stretch Handle – no need to edit the notes one-by-one.

I’ve also found it very useful with live recordings as sometimes I want to record melodies to Piano Roll live with my MIDI keyboard without metronome or drum beat (just to detach myself from that 4-to-the-floor-machine-like-playing) and it’s a real savior when I want to make the recorded notes fit to time afterwards.

This is how you use the Stretch Handle:

In the Piano Roll, select some notes and when you do that, a little ‘circle’ appears after the selected notes. Left click and drag to stretch the selection. If you hold ALT while dragging, they notes will automatically snap to grid according to your snap-to-grid -settings.

How To Use Stretch Handle

That’s it. Very handy indeed  🙂

Here’s a video:


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  1. Six years later… This post is still helpful. Thanks!!! FL Studio is full of these small techniques that it’s hard to spot all these little tricks.

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