How To Create Reese Bass In FL Studio

How To Create Reese Bass In FL Studio

Reese bass is a common sound in drum & bass and in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create reese bass in FL Studio using it’s native plugins.

Load 3xOsc and use the following settings:

  • Oscillator 1: select saw as the oscillator shape and set the fine tune to -10 cents
  • Oscillator 2: select saw as the oscillator shape as well and set the fine tun to +20 cents.
  • Oscillator 3: we are not going to use osc 3, so set it’s volume to 0 %.
  • Root key to C7
3xOsc Settings

As this is going to be a reese bass aimed for drum & bass, set the project tempo to 170 BPM.

Open the Piano Roll and create a bass melody:

Bass Melody

This is how it sounds:

Assign the 3xOsc to a free mixer track and add these plugin effects to it’s fx slots:

Fruity Chorus. Chorus is here to ‘fatten’ the sound. Use the following settings:

Fruity Chorus Settings

Fruity Fast Dist. It’s a distortion effect to add some ‘dirt’ and ‘attitude’ to the sound. Use these settings:

Fruity Fast Dist Settings

Fruity Love Philter. For filter modulation. Load a preset ‘Default’ first to reset it’s setting and then use the following settings:

Fruity Love Philter Settings

And here’s the envelope settings. This is just what I’m using. You can draw what kind of envelope you want:

Fruity Love Philter Envelope Settings

That’s it. This is the end results:

Sounds very D&B.

I also programmed a typical D&B drum sequence and this is how the reese bass and drums sound together:

And finally, here’s the zipped FL Studio project file for this tutorial.

(This was basically a re-creation of  poet666d Reece Bass Modulation Tutorial so big credits for him and thanks for the inspiration – I hope you don’t mind buddy!)


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  1. Good tutorial, 2 questions;
    1. You didn’t use a Sub bass to follow the notes of the Reese, why is that?
    2. Some songs I listen to sound like they have a Reese bass and Wobble bass over the top of the Reese, is that correct?

    • Hey Nathan,

      Some answers:

      1. Well, the reese sound example here does have sub tones already so it doesn’t necessarily need a separate sub bass, but you can add one if you feel like it’s too thin in the sub areas.
      2. That could be very well possible… I have to say I’m not an expert in this genre.

      Hope this helped,


    • No problem, Dima! Lots of credit goes also to those magnificent people who share their knowledge on Youtube and all over the net so we can all learn 🙂


  2. Darin Greene on

    Just reviewed this tutorial and following step by step my 3Xosc is not putting out any sound at all. I went to the root video you mentioned (poet666d Reece Bass Modulation Tutorial) and tried following his tutorial step by step and got to the slide adjustment and it is not changing my sound, but I can get sound. I am very new to digital production and trying to learn some new tricks to make my tracks more dynamic and rich. Any help would be awesome.

  3. This is the easiest tutorial I’ve tried for reese bass in FL and it sounds the best. Exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks for sharing this info Petri. 🙂

  4. How are you doing! I want to know how to make the sound of the beginning