More Awesome Free Kick Samples By Markus Hakala!

More Awesome Free Kick Samples By Markus Hakala!

Markus Hakala has produced a new kick drum sample pack which contains a collection of 100 free kick samples and the quality is – again – TOP NOTCH! They fits well in any kind of electronic dance music including trance, house, electro house and so on.

In my honest opinion, these samples beats MANY of those commercial kick samples out there. Actually, these reminds me a lot some of the Wave Alchemy samples which are very very good…. Well done, Markus!

Quick details about the samples:

  • Clean 32 / 24 bit samples
  • Made from scratch (clean low end)
  • Kicks are labeled to the note where they are made on (like kick 08 F#)
  • Aimed for the tech / minimal / house / trance style

Also, remember to download the earlier kick sample pack by Markus Hakala and check out his SoundCloud


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  1. Adam Brown on

    I can’t thank you highly enough for all these free, flawless kicks. They are absolutely perfect for the kind of music that I produce.

  2. These are really really good. They deserve a price tag! But being free is the best thing EVER!!!

  3. One more thing I noticed is that the first pack we got was labeled Pack-3, and this one is Pack-4. Where is Pack-1 and 2? Thanks Again, You rock. I personally think Image-Line should make you a Power User.

  4. Hi, Rodnick

    Thank you for your lovely feedback! There is a pack 1 and 2 too, but they are not so good, i guess. They are more like “training packages” šŸ˜›

  5. It’s awesome that there are people out there like you that are prepared to put in a whole lot of effort to help people out. Thank you!

  6. Hey! thanks for the awesome FREE samples šŸ™‚ just wondering… whats the difference between 24 and 32 bit??

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