100 Awesome Free Kick Samples By Markus Hakala

100 Awesome Free Kick Samples By Markus Hakala

Clean and punchy kick is probably the most important element in majority of electronic music. With that said, Finnish producer Markus Hakala is sharing an awesome collection of free kick samples made by himself.

In total there’s 100 kick samples in this package and they are aimed for any EDM genre that requires punchy kick drums.

Here’s some details of the samples:

  • Clean 32 bit samples
  • Made from scratch (clean low end)
  • Kicks are labeled to the note where they are made on (like kick 08 F#).
  • Aimed for progressive house / deep house / minimal / tech style.

Personally, I have to say that these are very good sounding kicks and they actually rival many commercial kick drum sample collections out there!

More FREE samples on Loopcloud – Get 300 free samples when you sign up + β€œFree users get 1,825 free sounds a yearβ€œ

Also, remember to check out Markus Hakala’s SoundCloud page for his music and his Facebook page as well for contact / remix requests.


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  1. Are the kicks copyrighted so that one can’t use them within commercial music productions?

    • i don’t think you can copyright a kick.. under the 15 second fair use.. as soon as someone does, another will filter it and call it their’s.

      • There’s no such thing as a 15 (some even say 30) second rule. Anything you do from scratch (no matter if it’s a single sound, drum loop, image or a game) automatically has a copyright. No need to explicitly claim it. It’s up to you as a copyright holder if you tolerate that others took your work for their own production or if you sue them.

  2. Hi there,

    I just wanted to say thank you because there are some great kicks in there. I will give them a try. Also thanks to Petri for making all these tutorials. They are a nice starting point if you want to get into making music.



  3. Petri , your a good man sharing your knowledge with us. I’m just starting out and found this site when surfing for help. This place is awesome, so much to read and learn and put into practice, thank you for everything.

  4. Nicholas on

    Not to be critical or anything, but they don’t sound punchy to me, they sound clicky.

    • Nicholas on

      Don’t get me wrong. They’re great samples, perfect for detroit techno. I really do like ’em a lot, they just don’t fit the “punchy” characteristic, that’s all.

      • eleKtris on

        Then make them punchy!? Use a transient shaper or compressor with slow attack or whatever you like and punch off…

  5. Amazing collection of downloads and links!! I’m so grateful you provided me with these resources and i pretty much downloaded every single link and VST that you offered. Now that my library is about completed i can watch all the tutorials on here too! THANK YOU! πŸ˜€

  6. Priyesh Tripathi on

    Much better than those 1000 useless Kick samples(which i have)… Now i Thing I don’t need to spend 1 week to find right 1 good kick sample.. Thanku πŸ™‚

  7. yaniv sharon on

    I am a beginner at fruity loops with absaloutly no knowlegde on fl, but since I have been watching video’s on youtube I have gained I would like to think a fair amount thanks to the video’s you have put on the web. I would very much like to see some videos of soft beginnings to trance and hard trance.

  8. Lorenzo Soto on

    Hey, I just want to say, thank you. With the knowledge and samples ive gained from this site, after 7 long months, ive picked up a job as a sound engineer for a game development site and in the talent pool for a record label. Your a life changer.

  9. actually the set is under rated wth five stars,thank u very mch for sharing this wonderful set………! i really enjoy it.

  10. Nice clean and useful indeed
    Thank you very much my friend 10/10

  11. Peter Kapos on


    I would like to download the free kicks you have advertised on ‘how to make electronic music’
    if their is a link or a download page I can click on that would be great.


  12. Hello, indeed very nice kicks!!! super clean for any genre. Fits perfect in the mix. Where this are coming from? Can you share the source please or how they were processed?

  13. Hi….
    Thank you for free download
    Please enter to download new sample collection
    by Siavash in IRAN

  14. some guy on

    they are all the same kick, no wonder were getting a hundred of them. 1/5