10 Free Presets For NI Massive Designed By Me

10 Free Presets For NI Massive Designed By Me

Okay, it’s time for some free presets. This time I created something for Native Instruments Massive.

There’s only 10 presets, but I hope you find them useful. Few of the sounds are kind of weird and some of them are ‘bread & butter’ -stuff.

Check some previews below:

You can share, modify and use these presets in you commercial or non-commercial products. Have fun!

Download 10 Free HTMEM Presets For NI Massive.


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  1. Rohith Anur on

    Hi Petri,

    Must say its a great website.. Lot of information. one quick question 🙂 Will these presets work on a mac OSX?

    Thank you.

  2. wow these are great! can’t wait to put them to use, make more weirdish presets, i like those!

  3. jay steexz on

    how do u add vst in to ur computer? not sure were to save them or access them. some please help

    • Hi, you need to install it to a vstplugins folder (usually in C:Program Files (x86)vstplugins) and then you need to select that folder in your DAW software (if you use FL Studio go to Options -> File Settings and under the “VST Plugins extra search folder” you can choose the folder).

  4. Sir, I want some cool electro bass Presets…. And also some cool presets…for progressive music…..I really need It………

    Rem: i want all of them for free…..IF u have It then please send me…or just Upload It on this awesome websites…

    • Hey there,

      I’m sorry, but I haven’t been able to focus on sound designing for a while so I only have these 10 preset for Massive at this time.

  5. Hi Petri…
    I just discovered your site and I’m love with it. I’m new at producing and this is helping me a lot. Thanks! 🙂
    I’m having a little problem with your presets… I don’t know for sure how to put them on Massive. I’ve tried to load sound but then shows “couldn’t recognize file” and by the browers of massive neither. I use massive for Ableton Live… do you know how to help me? thanks! 🙂

  6. Vishwesh Dave on

    This are really great sound with awsome effects…The Preset loop at 1.53 made me go insane..\m/…\m/

  7. Jonathan Figueroa on

    prestets don’t always work if you don’t have he latest version, like me i have massive 1.2 and i have to upgrade to use these .ksd files
    but no problems am glad i have to upgrade, these sound are pretty amazing

  8. Philip S. on

    Hi Petri,

    How can i put the ksd files into the Massive Plugin?

  9. Axiomatic on

    Petri, your stuff is amazing. I’ve only been messing around with a DAW for a week or so. I’ve always wanted to produce music since I heard Daft Punk as a kid, but I couldn’t afford the hardware back in the day. I instead got classically trained on instruments such as saxophone, clarinet, and guitar. Any tips for a beginner like myself who wants to make electro house/dubstep?

  10. Eduardo Antonio on

    How to add the “sounds” in Massive? I have the updated version (1.1.5) …

  11. thanks for everything you have done for us, i love this. by any chance can you do a tutorials on iL harmor vst . this will be great for many of us that are TRYING to do DUBSTEP, HAHA