Kruud New Free VSTi By Xenobioz


Kruud rocks! It’s a new and free VST synth by Xenobioz. You’ll find wobble basses (good for dubstep), sci-fi sounds, c64 type of sounds, toy pianos and much more.

Here’s some details:

Kruud VSTi is a synthesizer with a drawable low-resolution Oscillator.

  • 2 LFOS
  • 3 ADSRS
  • 2 Delays of which one can be used to make crude physical modeling.
  • An Arpeggiator
  • A multimode filter
  • The main Osc has 5 basic waveforms, Pink and white Noise and a drawable user waveform.
  • The waveforms have different modes like Phase Mod, PWM (Square only) and a special morph mode (listed as PWM in the synth) for all but the square wave.
  • The user waveform can mix or morph between two waveforms.

Check the video for some sound examples.



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