To All Readers And Everyone Who Has Requested A Tutorial

To All Readers And Everyone Who Has Requested A Tutorial

Hi everyone! I’ve been thinking a little and here’s something I felt I needed to get out of my chest:

First of all I hope I haven’t given anyone the wrong impression that I’m an audio PROFESSIONAL because I’m NOT: I’m JUST a hobbyist and a ‘bedroom producer’. Even though I’ve been making electronic music for years and I run this tutorial website and I do know some stuff from here and there, I have to say I still have a LOT to learn. I even may have to suggest you to be objective with some of the stuff I’ve been writing. 🙂

Secondly, when I started to ask sending me tutorial requests, I kind of ‘stepped into shoes that were too big’. I realize now I don’t have enough knowledge for many of the requests so I apologize if I’ve been promising to create a tutorial based on your request and you haven’t seen it here yet – it’s just because I got carried away with this website and I didn’t stop to think clearly WHAT kind of tutorials I’m actually able to create. Time is issue as well, as making these tuts eats up a lot of my spare time even though I do enjoy creating them…

So that’s why I’m not taking any specific tutorial requests anymore as I just don’t wan’t to give anyone any promises that I can’t fulfill. I hope everyone understands.

But with all that said, I WILL keep posting the stuff I DO know and what I keep learning all the time.

That’s it. Enjoy the website! 🙂


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