7 Free IL Harmless FL Studio Custom Presets

7 Free IL Harmless Presets

I want to present you my 7 new presets for IL Harmless VST (FL Studio) synth designed from scratch. These presets work with the Demo version and the Full Version of Harmless. If you own FL Studio, a Harmless demo is included.

Included in this set is a couple of basses, leads, pads and plucked sound.

Check the preview below for some audio examples.

The presets are contained in a zipped package, and they are in .fst file format. You can open them by double-clicking or by opening FL Studio, loading Harmless and from there load the preset via “Load VST preset/bank…”.

Enjoy the presets, and you’re free to use them in your music, edit them and share them.


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  1. Hey i have these in a folder and such but i am having problems having them match harmless.I do have the full version and plenty other presents have been working.I dont under stand what the problem is But the only real synth I want to use it the trance type pluck.Maybe a few others

  2. Hi im a producer, and i love your tutorials! they’re so usefull, and helped alot!!!
    This is from a fellow artist, so it’s valuable praise!!!


  3. Rahul Agnihotri on

    Heii Petri ….I saw your tutorials on youtube ….. they are really helpful ….. I am new to electronic music and your tutorials helped me a lot ….. Actually I want to ask for some more help if you can …. I will really be thankful to you….

  4. So I really love your helpful tutorials and all, but one problem with this particular preset package… how do I install it? I don’t know if I am doing something wrong by extracting them to the Harmless file within the FL Studio program files or if there is some other way… but maybe there’s something I’m missing. Anything you may think of that could help me out?

    Keep up the great work, Petri!

  5. I normally use toxic biohazard to create some sounds. What exactly make a synthetizer better than other?

    Sorry if I mispelled something wrong. 🙂

  6. George Rabbat on

    Great one , i like what you are doing for us , very nice

  7. Thiago Beraldo on

    Hi! I have the same problem with compatibility FL version. When I try it will appear IL Harmless can’t found plugins! 🙁