How To Create A Haas Effect

How To Create A Haas Effect

Haas Effect is a impression of stereo width caused by a small delay between two identical audio signals. It’s a nice and easy way to add wider stereo image to your audio and in this tutorial I’m going to show you one way to do it in FL Studio.

Alright. Let’s assume you have a nice melody riff created with your favorite synth and you want to widen it’s stereo panorama. First thing to do is to clone it to get two identical copies of the riff. You need to clone both, the VST plugin you’re using and the riff score that is in the Piano Roll and you do that by right clicking a Channel in the Step Sequencer and choosing ‘Clone’ from the menu. The Piano Roll score can be easily copy/pasted by using CTRL+C & CTRL+V.

Clone The Channel

Now, pan the plugin channels: pan the other all the way to left and the other all the way to right.

Pan The Channels

Open the Piano Roll -view of the cloned VST channel and select all the notes. Hold down ALT and press right arrow once (or more for even more interesting stereo effect). This’ll move the selected notes slightly to right and makes them out of sync with the original melody riff and as they are hard panned left and right it’ll create a nice and wide stereo effect.

Move The Notes

Listen and compare the results:

That’s basically it. For some additional stereo effects, try this: transpose the copy of a melody riff down by one octave. You do that by going to Piano Roll and pressing CTRL+DOWN ARROW.

Same method works with audio clips as well. Just copy and paste the audio clip and make it unique by right clicking that tiny wave icon that is on the top left corner of the audio clip and choose either ‘Make unique’ or ‘Make unique as sample’ from the menu. Double click the clip to open up the Channel Properties and pan the other clip to hard left and the other hard right. And now just select one of the clips and use ALT+RIGHT ARROW to move it slightly right.

Check the images. First, copy/paste and make unique:

Duplicate The Clip


Pan The Audio Clips


Move The Audio Clip

The end. 🙂

Check the video version of this tutorial below:


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  1. thank you for this tutorials, but i have a question: since 3 days i have a midi keyboard and i have it in fl studio, but how can i make sure that what i play on the keyboard in fl studio in piano roll comes?


    • Hey Joshua,

      Sorry for my very late reply, but you must first go to the FL Studio MIDI settings and enable the input from your MIDI keyboard. Then you’re able to record notes to the Piano Roll using your keyboard.

  2. Nicholas on

    Coudn’t you just use Fruity Stereo Enhancer instead of creating a whole new channel?

  3. Or you could do it properly and route the audio signal to two mixer tracks, pan them hard left and hard right and put a delay on one of the tracks.

    • Or use the Fruity Stereo Shaper. Lot’s of ways to do it with a same end result. Whatever works for you is the proper way.

  4. gautam pandit on

    thanks for ur awsome tutorials it helps man
    i want to knw how can i increase the speed of my mp3 song in fl studio
    and i want to know more about trance music
    greets from india